Why Join CLIA?

As a member of CLIA Australasia you are an active partner in a global organisation representing the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. Displaying the CLIA logo adds to your credibility & identifies your agency as endorsed by the cruise industry.

This is what some of our members have to say about our membership services and campaigns:


CLIA Travel Agency and Individual Membership includes a wide range of benefits including:

CLIA’S ONLINE LEARNING ACADEMY: Learn everything you need to know about selling cruise. Enhance your knowledge of the various cruise segments and categories, learn about worldwide cruise destinations and acquire the skills to upsell, cross-sell and match your clients to the right cruise.

CLIA’S NEW MEMBERS HUB: From the latest travel news to cruise line brochures, from ship inspection registration to cruise line promotions & deals and much more, our Members Hub allows you to find information, resources and tools all in one convenient location.

CLIA’S COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE LIBRARY: Ever wanted to find out what electrical socket a ship has, or whether a ship has a guest laundry? How about the distance between the cruise port and the centre of town? Our exclusive Resource Library can help you with this and so much more…

Other benefits of CLIA membership include:

  • Exclusive use of the CLIA logo on all your marketing material
  • Your name listed on CLIA’s Travel Agent search on www.cruising.org.au
  • Member only access to CLIA’s Global “Plan A Cruise Month” campaign
  • DISCOUNTED TICKETS to Cruise360, the cruise industry conference event of the year, and the annual Cruise Industry Awards Dinner
  • Complimentary membership of Breakaway Travelclub, giving you access to a wide range of discounted travel products
  • EMBARC ID card – for instant industry recognition
  • DISCOUNTS on a wide range of everyday consumer brands


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