Dubrovnik receives boost for sustainable tourism measures

The City of Dubrovnik has received a positive ranking for its sustainable tourism efforts from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), providing a welcome endorsement for initiatives that have been supported by the international cruise industry.

In its report on the Croatian city released yesterday, the GSTC gave Dubrovnik a high ranking of 70% after examining four pillars of destination sustainability: destination policy and planning, community involvement and benefits, management of cultural and natural assets, and management of environmental and natural resources.

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has supported the city’s sustainability initiatives and last year signed a partnership agreement aimed at protecting Dubrovnik’s cultural heritage while also establishing the destination as a model of sustainable tourism management. The long-term partnership is designed to ensure the city continues to enjoy the important economic benefits of tourism, while at the same time managing visitation to protect its culture, history, and the way-of-life of its citizens.

“We have a great opportunity for a new beginning to define the criteria for how to make our city a pleasant place to live, while respecting our main industry of tourism,” said Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković. “I believe this report will be a new beginning of the story of a sustainable Dubrovnik and a sustainable way of managing our main industry of tourism.”

CLIA Managing Director Australasia Joel Katz said although cruise operations were currently suspended worldwide, the industry’s role in developing sustainable tourism strategies was as important as ever.

“The partnership between the cruise industry and Dubrovnik shows what can be achieved through collaborative tourism initiatives,” Mr Katz said. “Cruising represents less than 2% of world tourism, but through community engagement we can be a much larger contributor when it comes to managing visitation and fostering sustainable tourism practices in destinations around the world.”

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