Cruise Month joins an evolution in luxury

October 23, 2023 – Luxury cruise lines are redefining ocean travel, setting new standards in contemporary design and innovation on board while creating extraordinary experiences for their guests on land.

With Cruise Month in its fourth and final week, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is indulging in luxury cruising, an area of rapid development and creativity in world travel.

CLIA Managing Director in Australasia Joel Katz said luxury cruise lines were leading an evolution in travel, extending the traditions of high-end sea journeys into a new age of contemporary style.

“The demand for luxury travel is stronger than ever and cruise lines are responding with an increasingly diverse choice of styles and experiences,” Mr Katz said. “Each luxury cruise line has a distinct character of its own, from the rarefied luxury of cruising’s golden era through to the design-oriented luxury of cutting-edge cruising.”

“Travellers are putting more importance on indulging themselves and enjoying extraordinary experiences as they travel, which cruise lines are responding to with increasingly creative encounters in food and wine, culture, arts and entertainment. On shore, luxury cruise lines are offering exclusive events and experiences that bring a new level of connection with a destination, whether a private concert, a behind-the-scenes excursion, or a chance to meet the chef to explore a local produce market. Luxury now means more than opulence, it’s about an immersive experience.”

Cruise Month is an annual initiative by CLIA in Australasia, bringing together cruise lines and travel agents to showcase the best available cruise options for Australian and New Zealand travellers.

Throughout October, CLIA travel agents will be able to explain the latest cruise offers available to Australians and New Zealanders and assist them in selecting the best cruise line to suit their travelling style.

CLIA has launched a Cruise Month Competition for Australian and New Zealand cruise fans this year, giving them a chance to win A$1000 towards their next cruise when booked through a CLIA-accredited travel agent. Travellers can also find cruise ideas and inspirational cruise coverage in the weekend travel sections of major newspapers and other travel publications.

To find an accredited CLIA travel agent, use the Find a Cruise Specialist search function at

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