Certification Levels


Levels of CLIA Certification

The CLIA Certification Program has three levels of certification.

This is the entry level of the CLIA Australasia Certification Program
Agents who display their accredited certificate and/or logo illustrate that they have passed all the necessary criteria as charged by the official representing body of the cruise industry, and thus are better equipped to provide cruise holiday advice and sales than general service providers.
This is the second tier of the CLIA Australasia Certification Program and indicates agents who have engaged in the cruise industry with on-going training and experience beyond the Accredited level.
This is the highest tier of the CLIA Australasia Certification Program.
Agents who have achieved Masters level are fully engaged in all things cruising, stand out from the crowd, and statistically, are the highest sellers of cruise.












Guide to the CLIA Australasia Certification Program

Completed 2 x Core Units* Completed 2 x Core Units* Achieved Ambassador Level
Completed 1 x Elective Completed 3 x Electives Accumulated 300 CLIA Points
Completed 1 x Cruise of 3-nights or more on CLIA Cruise Line Completed 2 x Cruises of 3-nights or more on CLIA Cruise Line Participated in CLIA Masters Program
Accumulated 100 CLIA Points Accumulated 30 points from CLIA Cruise Line Training Passed Masters Assignment within 6 months
  Accumulated 200 CLIA Points  

* 2 Core Units: Oceans of Knowledge & Oceans of More Opportunity (Equivalent to the 25 modules that were part of “Oceans of Opportunity” training prior to April 2020).


CLIA Points

CLIA requires a blended mix of cruise industry training, product training, destination training, and cruise onboard experience in order to be an accredited cruise agent. CLIA awards travel agents who undertake these elements of training and experiences with CLIA Points. The number of CLIA Points awarded for each activity is determined by the amount of time and effort involved in the activity.


How to earn CLIA Points?

Be rewarded for completing an immersive training experience within the cruise industry. With CLIA, there are four categories of activities and learning where we award points. This structure ensures you are equipped with a wealth of information. See how points are earnt:

CLIA Learning Academy

(20 points/course^) ^Cruise Champion = 40 points

CLIA Cruise Line Training

(2-20 points)

CLIA Executive Partner Training

(5 points)

CLIA Masters Program

(50-100 points)

CLIA Events

(30-50 points)

CLIA Cruise Line Roadshows

(10 points)

Cruise Experience (CLIA cruise line)

(20 points) 

Ship Inspection (CLIA cruise line)

(10 points)

CLIA Product Plus   

(15 points)

Previous CLIA Cruise Ship Employment

(20 points)


Life-Cycle of Your CLIA Points

Points earned for Ship Inspections and Cruise Experiences have a life-cycle of 10 years.
Points earned from all other eligible activities will remain on your profile.


Renewing Your Certificate

To maintain your certificate, you must complete the refresher course named “Cruise Dynamics” every year. This online course is open from February - December, accessible via CLIA Members Hub -> Learning Academy

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