Executive Partners

CLIA's Executive Partner Program is an exclusive, global platform that provides suppliers access to key cruise line decision makers and industry peers, with the aim to support them to grow their business, gain insight and expland their influence within the cruise industry.

The CLIA Executive Partner Program is a global program. Click here to link to the CLIA Global website for further information.


Top 5 Reasons To Partner With CLIA

  • Grow your business

  • Meet with key decision makers

  • Elevate your profile

  • Advocate, represent and influence

  • Gain insight, expertise and guidance


Grow the Industry - Grow Your Business

The CLIA Executive Partner Program is an exclusive, global platform that brings together leading cruise line members, ports, and destinations with key suppliers to advance the mission of promoting and protecting the industry's license to operate.

Norwegian Cruise Line Oceania Cruises
  • 42 Ocean Cruise Line Members (279 Vessels & 580K Lower Berths)

  • 10 River Cruise Marketing Affiliates

  • Nearly 300 Business Partners

  • Including Ports, Destinations, Travel, Maritime & Technical, and Hospitality

  • 15,000 of the Largest Travel Agencies, Hosts, Franchises, and Consortia Globally

  • 64,000 Travel Advisor Members

Through a series of premier events, content, advocacy and promotional opportunities, you will connect with key cruise line decision makers and industry peers while growing your business and influence within the cruise industry.

Our program drives results, but don't just take our word for it. In a recent satisfaction survey, nearly 90% of members said that they would recommend our Executive Partner Program to others.


"We are very proud members of CLIA, which provides us with the unique opportunity to meet incredibly relevant contacts within the cruise industy. CLIA's strength is in providing a unique platform to share ideas, experiences, and opportunities."



CLIA Delivers High-Impact Measurable Value in 2022

Resumption | Engagement | Reputation

  • Occupancy levels, which hovered around 50% at the start of the year, are now approaching 100%, on average, worldwide.

  • Our advocacy efforts and community outreach proved successful and critical in reducing threats, while our government affairs team simultaneously reached agreements in key ports, especially in Europe, to mitigate additional risks and preserve access to key markets.

  • Significant progress was made throughought the year to improve confidence in cruise and the reputation of the industry as we increased reach, engagement and a positive sentiment across our channels and in media coverage. As a result, not only is intent to cruise higher than prior to the pandemic, the reputation of the industry has also vastly improved.

"CLIA's broad reach across all sectors of government, consistently advocating for the cruise industry, is tremendously valuable to us. They engaged SMS International Shore Operations during thhe pandemic to share our story with policymakers, allowing us to develop a relationship with key decision-makers. Their one-voice, one-industry approach to protect the license to sail is really second to none."



CLIA's 2023 Strategic Objectives

Destination Stewardship | Environmental Sustainability | Workforce Development & Wellbeing | Economic & Social Impact | Health & Safety

  • Distinguish cruise as a leader in generating solutions to environmental and tourism management issues by telling the story.

  • Shape outcomes with a focus on shoreside electricity, sustainable fuels, research & development, sustainable visitation, cultural preservation, and economic development

  • Elevate membership and commercial operations to support and engage so the cruise business grows and thrives, likewise resulting in growth for our Executive Partners' business - by providing value for the CLIA community, resource advocacy, and industry growth. Increase awareness of our industry's efforts and leadership in maritime best practices. Support, leverage, and engage aligned communities.


Executive Partner Communities


Ports and Destinations Maritime and Technical Hospitality and Guest Services Supply Chain and Industry Services


Port authorities and operators

Destination management organisations

Tourism bureaus / organisations

Travel and tourism associations

Port agents*



Vessel management operators

Advisory / class organisations

Technical associations


Engine manufacturers

Fuel providers

Alternative fuel developers

Auxiliary equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Automation / technology providers


Food and beverage provision suppliers

Food and beverage equipment manufacturers and distributors

Hotel amenities and housekeeping suppliers

Accommodations and FFE suppliers

Entertainment and gaming



HFB technology providers


Logistics and transportation

Waste management / recycling

Ship chandlers

Other indirect services, including insurance, legal, finance, and HR

Supply chain technology providers

Collateral / marketing service providers to travel and tourism (AUS)*

Hospitality, travel / tourism associations

Travel services providers

Tour operators

Port agents*


Please note that the links below will transfer you to the CLIA Global website for further information about The Executive Partner Program



E: mnosic@cruising.org | T: +61 2 9964 9600



CLIA Executive Partner Membership is subject to the terms and conditions of the CLIA Executive Partner Program available on https://cruising.org/about-the-industry/about-the-executive-partner-program

Fully paid CLIA Executive Partners in the Australasia region are provided access to the CLIA Learning Academy as a benefit. CLIA Learning Academy access is extended to employees of that Executive Partner company only, provided there is a direct “employer/employee” relationship.

For the avoidance of doubt, the benefits of the Executive Partner Membership may not be transferred, extended, made available or offered by an Executive Partner to any other party whether described as an affiliate, partner, contractor, consultant or in any other way. In the case where an individual is “contracted” by an Executive Partner, and/or is “self-employed” and/or works from an alternate business address, the individual is not entitled to access the Learning Academy under the Executive Partner membership and must then apply and pay for a separate individual or agency membership.

CLIA Australasia reserves the right to remove the Learning Academy access from any user on the Executive Partner’s profile who does not meet the direct “employer/employee” relationship requirement.

CLIA Executive Partners may display the official CLIA Executive Partner logo applicable to their Executive Partner community on promotional pieces related to the development of the business of the Member and are encouraged to do so. Of course, such promotional pieces should conform to truth and good taste and must not be misleading. You are responsible for the accuracy of your promotional pieces and for compliance with applicable governmental requirements. The CLIA logo, trademarks, intellectual property and marketing, promotional or educational materials and information created or developed by CLIA, CLIA Australasia and its affiliates may be used only in connection with the marketing and promotion of the Executive Partner’s brand and for no other purpose, including marketing or promotion of any affiliated products or services, and is always subject to the terms and conditions of the Executive Partner program. Use of the CLIA logos or trademarks is subject to the Executive Partner being a current fully paid CLIA Executive Partner. Use of any of the CLIA logos or other CLIA materials is not permitted by any company which does not hold a current paid up CLIA Australasia Executive Partner, Travel Agent or Travel Agency Membership.

CLIA reserves the right to terminate access to any Executive Partner Benefits should an Executive Partner not comply with the Terms and Conditions of CLIA Australasia membership or the Executive Partner Program.

CLIA Australasia may also terminate access to any Executive Partner benefits where a Executive Partner becomes insolvent or is subject to any form of insolvency event, including (without limitation) winding up, liquidation, external administration or bankruptcy, or where an application is made for any of the foregoing.


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