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CLIA Australasia membership is open to all Travel Agencies and Individual home-based or mobile consultants in Australia, New Zealand & Asia. Please note that individual memberships will be issued in the name of the person applying. Should an individual wish to promote a trading name, a Travel Agency membership will be required.

Membership is only available to active Travel Agents, applicants will be asked to provide proof of trading as a Travel Agent or Agency. CLIA reserves the right to cancel membership where proof cannot be provided. Membership is subject to CLIA Australasia's Terms and Conditions which are available here.

Pricing shown on this page is valid for the 2024 membership year only (1 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024). Members applying to join part-way through the year may at CLIA's discretion be offered pro-rata membership.


2024 CLIA Asia Travel Agent Membership Benefits


Supporting Your Interests

Professional Development and Training Industry Recognition Resources & Tools


Have your needs and interests represented as part of CLIA's critical government advocacy programs, as we work to protect and enhance the cruise industry and our members


Expand your cruise knowledge and skills through online courses and by attending live and virtual events


Earn your CLIA Certification from our globally recognised training and Certification Program

Access valuable tools and downloadable resources via the CLIA Members Hub to help you sell cruise
Cruise Specialist Listing

Cruise Industry Reports

& Insight

Promote Your Credibility
Boost your presence and referrals through inclusion in the “Search for a Cruise Specialist” Directory on the CLIA Australasia website Access to regional and global cruise industry data and insight into key industry developments through CLIA’s weekly newsletter and other publications CLIA Member & Certification logos, together with your personal Embarc ID card promote your association with the global cruise industry




CLIA Asia Members Guide





Make the most of your CLIA Membership


Get the most out of your CLIA Membership by taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers.

Take the time to invest in your professional development of all things cruise, make use of the resources we provide, and be sure to promote your CLIA certification (and cruise expertise) to your clients.

CLIA Members have exclusive access to an ever-growing library of valuable training, tools and resources all in one convenient location – the Members Hub. This is your biggest asset – be sure to make use of it!

Visit the Learning Academy, located within the Members Hub, to learn everything you need to know about selling cruise. Enhance your knowledge of the various cruise segments and categories, learn about worldwide cruise destinations, and acquire the skills to upsell, cross-sell and match your clients to the right cruise. CLIA Cruise Lines have their own resource page within the Members Hub, where you can find contact details, e-brochures, promotions, news, webinars, event details and even online training courses – to assist you in understanding their own points of distinction, target markets, on board product and how to sell their brand.

The Members Hub also features all the latest cruise news, CLIA podcasts, CLIA event details, recorded webinars, downloadable reference guides, videos and other resource material to assist you with your cruise enquiries. Our Toolbox provides you with useful infographics and social media assets, along with resources to assist you during Cruise Month and to promote your cruise expertise and your affiliation with CLIA.



Asia Agency/Agent Memberships (in USD)


Membership Type                       Definition Cost (GST n/a)
Individual Agent 1 employee $100.00
INT Travel Agency - Tier 1 up to 5 employees $395.00
INT Travel Agency - Tier 2 6 - 10 employees $560.00
INT Travel Agency - Tier 3 11 - 15 employees $660.00
INT Travel Agency - Tier 4 16 - 20 employees $760.00
INT Travel Agency - Tier 5 21 - 30 employees $825.00
INT Travel Agency - Tier 6 31 - 60 employees $1,320.00
INT Travel Agency - Tier 7 61 - 90 employees $1,980.00






To request membership with CLIA, please complete the form and forward it to along with evidence of current trading as a travel agency.

Acceptable proof of trading may include:

  • Valid IATA accreditation and/or;
  • Trade references from 2 CLIA Member Cruise Lines (passenger invoices also accepted).

On receipt of the above information, we can review your application, and if approved we will then issue an invoice for 2024 membership.



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