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The CLIA Master’s Program is a challenging and worthwhile learning experience that will have a significant influence on your cruise business and career. CLIA's Master’s Program has a reputation that has grown as a result of its rich history and production of top cruise agents over the years. Currently the highest level of certificate awarded by CLIA, the cruise industry's trade body, less than 2% of retail agents are a CLIA Master resulting in those agents standing out from the crowd.

"I loved every moment of the Masters; it was one of the highlights of my 34 year travel career" Denise Fowler, The Travel Brokers, Auckland

CLIA Masters Testimonial - Tim Faircloth from CLIA Australasia on Vimeo.


Overview of the Program

CLIA’s Masters Program gives travel agents the skills they need to forge a unique position in a competitive retail landscape. It takes agents into an environment beyond mainstream selling, helping them to pursue new revenue streams and create a unique brand differentiation. Much has changed in cruising and retail since the programs’ inception in 1999, thus the program has received an overhaul of content and format, closer reflecting our current landscape; the way we work and do business. Content upgrades also include the latest passenger trends, new marketing techniques, use of online technology and social media, in turn influencing our customer interaction and best business practices. Much care and diligence has gone into ensuring that the effort, integrity, and standards of Masters achievements past are respected and continued in the new format.

NOTE: As this program is aimed at Ambassador level agents, participants will have an existing knowledge of cruise line brands and their offerings. It therefore does not provide additional cruise product or positioning insight and is instead focussed on business development and creating strategies to build sales.


CLIA’s Masters Program is a self-paced online learning course that spans 6 weeks. Included in the course is a comprehensive digital workbook, online discussion tab for participants to discuss and share ideas, as well as a weekly virtual meeting led by CLIA that allows the group to discuss topics, chat with leading guest experts, as well as distribute the following weeks’ material and tasks. To partake in the course, we recommend setting aside 3-4 hours per week over the 6 week duration of the course.

The CLIA Masters Program continues to be an assignment-based course. Upon successful completion of the assignment (due within 3 weeks of the course conclusion), you will receive the CLIA Masters certificate, 100 CLIA points, and a higher ranking on CLIA's "Find Cruise Agent" website search.

Who can attend Masters?

Participation is open to any CLIA member who has achieved their CLIA Ambassador status*. Completing your CLIA Masters will benefit your career regardless of your role within the cruise industry. The topics covered are designed to inspire all levels of participation. It benefits front line consultants through to owners and managers, across store front agencies, online agencies, as well as mobile and independent agents. 

Sneak Peek

One of the new enhancements to the CLIA Masters Program is a more TAILORED course - content, analysis and overall assignment will be unique to YOU!



During the course we will help you analyse and identify some of your personal attributes and strengths, to determine which work best for you. We will help you find niche audiences that will match either your interests or business strategy.

Cruise Product Alignment

Once we understand you and your potential clients, we will help you break down attributes, needs and wants to align with cruise product that tailors to your business strategy, ensuring you offer a good balance that is unique to you.


We will explore trends of digital use, connectivity and an understanding of how the industry is working with technologies. Most importantly, we show how you can use these specifically towards your campaign and within your levels of competency.


We will provide branding and marketing tips that ultimately influences the perception of your audience.


6-Week Masters Program - 2024 Commencement Dates

  • Monday 4 March 2024 (access opens, week 1 starts 11 March - extra week scheduled over Easter)

  • Monday 9 September 2024 (access opens, week 1 starts 16 September)

As number of participants on each date will be limited, we recommend you secure your place now



$350AUD includes 6-week course, a comprehensive digital workbook, weekly discussions, expert advice, mentoring, and assessments.




Masters Testimonial - Robyn Sinfield from CLIA Australasia on Vimeo.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are permitted up to three weeks prior to the start of the course and a full refund will be issued, less $30 administration fee.  After this date, no refunds will be issued.  Subject to CLIA's discretion, a course fee may be carried forward to a future date.



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