Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a certified cruise agent at the Accredited level and I want to reach Ambassador Level. This year I have already upgraded my certificate with Cruise Dynamics, therefore – since Ambassador requires 2 additional Electives, do I count Cruise Dynamics as an Elective or do I have to do an alternate two Electives?

A. Actually Cruise Dynamics is an Elective, so in this case, you only have to do ONE additional Elective to reach that status (along with points accumulated to 200 and other criteria being met).

Q. I have been a CLIA certified agent for many years. In that time though, I have only experienced ONE cruise 10 years ago, but I just noticed that his has now gone from 20 points to 0 points, and my profile says I am not certified anymore. Have I lost my certification and if so, how do I get it back?

A. For CLIA to promote our certified cruise agents as being the most up to date, trained consultants in the marketplace, it is important that they have taken at least one cruise in the past 10 years. Therefore, in this scenario, yes another cruise must be completed to get your certificate reinstated.

Q. I haven’t been a CLIA member for a few years due to being at another non-CLIA agency, but I have returned! Do I get my points back and my certificate back?

A. You have done the hard work in the past, so you will not lose any of the training accolades. We will re-instate all your points (with the exception of cruises taken or ship inspections greater than 10 years ago). The only thing you will need do is renew your certificate as outlined on page 10 by completing the Cruise Dynamics Elective to get you back up to scratch.



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