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Cruising in Australia and New Zealand contributes to local communities by generating revenue, creating job opportunities, fostering community engagement, and collaborating with cruise operators, local governments and communities.

In addition, thousands of workers in many local businesses help support cruise operations. These workers include travel agents, tour operators, farmers and food producers, beverage providers, transport companies, port workers and technical support providers.

CLIA's #WeAreCruise videos share the personal stories of Australian and New Zealand businesses that benefit from cruising. These videos explore the positive impacts of cruise passengers in these destinations, highlighting cruising's contributions to the local economy, culture, and environment.



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How can I help?

There are many things you can do to show your support for our industry.

Contact Your MP

Write to your local and national MP's and copy the Tourism Minister, Prime Minister and other key MP's, highlighting the impact of cruising on your business and your local communities.

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Cruise ordinarily contributes more than $5.6 billion to our regional economy.

The cruise industry supply chain reaches deep into the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific economies, delivering signifcant economic opportunities to suppliers across the region. This includes significant volumes of food and beverages, allowing cruise lines to showcase the best of local food and wine to their guests. Cruise lines make a major contribution to ports and governments through fees and charges.

Cruise passenger spending reaches destinations around the entire coast – including remote and regional communities – providing benefits to local businesses in areas including hospitality, retail, entertainment and tourism-related services.


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