Meet Your MP Toolkit

Meet Your MP

Be a part of our campaign and help address the issues face-to-face

Thousands of Australians depend on the cruise industry to support their livelihoods. It’s now time for Members of Parliament to meet these people and understand how devastating the cruise suspension has been for so many Australians.

We’d like you to get involved. CLIA’s Ready, Set, Sail campaign has already generated more than 40,000 emails to State and Federal MPs. We’re now asking travel agents, suppliers and other industry stakeholders to seek face-to-face or virtual meetings with their MPs, so they fully understand how crippling the cruise suspension has been.

CLIA and cruise lines have been lobbying hard among political leaders and will continue to do so.  Your involvement will help reinforce our efforts to achieve a clear and responsible pathway to resumption in Australia.

Follow the steps below and download the toolkit to help you engage directly with your MP. 


1. Identify your MP

•  Use the "Find Your MP" link to identify your electorates and MP contact details.

•  Reach out to other travel agents or suppliers in your electorate to propose a group meeting.

•  Contact your MP’s electoral office to request a meeting. Email or write in the first instance, and follow-up by phone.

•  Explain that you need to discuss the impact of the cruise suspension on your livelihood and how to achieve a responsible solution.


2. Familarise yourself with the Meet Your MP Toolkit

•  Review the Meet Your MP Flow Chart and the suggested Meeting Agenda and Talking Points.

•  Familiarise yourself with the Model for Responsible Sailing infographic and the "Leave Behind" document, to give to your MP.

•  Think about the personal story that you want to share with your MP.


3. Meet with your local MP

•  Bring the Model for Responsible Sailing infographic and "Leave Behind" document.

•  Using the suggested Meeting Agenda and Talking Points, clearly articulate what you need from your MP.

•  Ensure you include your own personal story.

•  Ask what your MP can do and seek their commitment to take action.


4. Let us know how the meeting went

•  Email with brief feedback on how the meeting went.

•  In your feedback, tell us: who your MP is, when the meeting took place and who participated.

•  Tell us: did your local MP commit their support?

Download the "Meet Your MP" Toolkit Here

Meet Your MP Flow Chart

MP Meeting Agenda and Talking Points Leave Behind Document CLIA's Model for Responsible Sailing infographic








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